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Here’s a playlist of (almost) all the shows that came through C-U in May

Y’all, I did a weird thing. I went back through all the Overtures for the month of May (see here, here, here, here, and here), and then created a playlist on YouTube of as many of those artists as I could find. It’s a messy list—some videos are only a single track, some are an entire set, some include interviews. Some are official music videos, some are live shows (I didn’t record any of these, they’re all just public access online). I picked YouTube as the platform because it presents the fewest access barriers—free for listeners and for artists. Songs are listed more or less chronologically, with the earliest shows in the month listed first and going along through the weeks. I didn’t account for multiple performances—If an artist played more than once in May, I only included them once on the playlist. I didn’t include them a  The biggest failing of this playlist is that I didn’t go through each mini-festival or multi-artist show and include every single artist on the bill—but I encourage you to, if you want!
Some standouts for me (and their respective numbers are on the playlist) are:
This turned out to be really fun. It did two main things: reminded me of how much cool music is available to residents of C-U pretty much all the time, and also made me feel oceans of regret for missing some incredible shows. This wasn’t meant to be an exercise of precision, exactly, but to get a general idea of the variety of music we have each month here in town, and to centralize a lot of that into one place to enjoy at-will.
Have fun listening, and if you’re sad because I missed one of your favs, post a link and I’ll be happy to add it.

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