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Here’s a quick review of Krekel’s

Krekel’s Custard recently opened up on Kirby Avenue in Champaign. I drive past it quite often, and each time the parking lot is full and drive-thru line is around the building. The parking lot is small, no doubt, but people are definitely getting their fix of burgers and custard. 

I’d never had Krekel’s before, and I managed to stop by at an off time to grab a couple of burgers, fries, and some custard. I ordered a double cheeseburger ($3.53; ketchup, mustard, pickle) for myself, one for the spouse (ketchup, onion, pickle), one order of fries ($2), a lemon shake ($2.59), and a cup of chocolate custard ($1.64; on the recommendation of the employee taking my order). 

Here’s what I thought:

The burger was good. The edges were crispy, the bun held together. They were a little stingy with the condiments — I needed more of all three. The spouse agreed on all fronts. 

The crinkle cut fries were excellent. 

The lemon shake was lemony and sweet and creamy. 

The chocolate custard was perfectly swirled, very creamy and not overpoweringly chocolaty. 

The service was relatively fast. For some reason I was served my cup of custard right after I ordered, which made no sense because all orders are to-go, and the rest of the food wasn’t ready. By the time I got it home it was pretty melty, but not nearly as melty as it would have been had it been ice milk. 

I’d eat at Krekel’s again, for sure. If it’s a nice day, take your order across the street to Hessel Park, where the atmosphere is infitely better than in the tiny restaurant or its parking lot. 

Krekel’s Custard
401 W Kirby
T-Su 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Top photo by Patrick Singer; all other photos by Jessica Hammie


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