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Here’s how you can support the SNAP program for the Land Connection

From the Land Connection’s website:

At the Champaign Farmers’ Market we want to make sure our whole community has access to fresh, nutritious, delicious local food. That’s why we’ve operated a SNAP matching program since our first season, making it possible for struggling families in and around Champaign-Urbana to get even more out of their SNAP dollars and expand their food budgets, thanks to generous support by the Link Up Illinois program.

Every week shoppers who receive SNAP benefits can swipe their Link card for tokens to spend with the farmers on any Link eligible items, and we match their purchase up to $20 for fresh produce. That’s up to $20 extra to spend on fresh, local fruits and veggies!

On top of our regular match, at the second Market of every month, we offer TRIPLE LINK TUESDAY. Link cardholders can get an additional match on top of our regular doubling. That’s up to $40 extra to spend on fresh produce from local farmers. 

This year over 150 households are using the program, some coming from as far away as Danville, Decatur, and Mattoon, and it’s been such a success that we’re running out of grant funds.  

By donating to support the program, you will not only help local families afford fresh food, you’ll also be supporting your local farmers, which in turn boosts our local economy. So far this year the SNAP matching program has generated over $10,000 in sales for small, local farms. 

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