Smile Politely

Hip-hop artist Sunny Ture releases yesterday’s interlude

From the artist:

Sunny Ture is a hip-hop producer, engineer, and rapper located currently in Champaign, IL.  His influences include DOOM, Madlib, Lauryn Hill, and anything boom-bap.  Sound wise, sunny seeks to create a provocative yet smooth ride through the vision of Black 20-something’s in today’s world.

On yesterday, Sunny spins stories about growth, Blackness, wisdom gained through struggle, and community, over a heavily boom-bap influenced backdrop.  Yesterday’s Interlude represents recordings from 2013-2016 that have previously went unreleased.

Check out the album on bandcamp and more of his music on soundcloud
All photos courtesy of Sunny Ture
For artist contact check out his Facebook and Twitter

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