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Hum announce entire catalog re-issue via Polyvinyl Records

This is a photo of four album covers arranged in a grid. The album covers are for the band HUM. The top left cover is black and white and features a forest scene with trees and a path. The top right cover is green and features a zebra standing on its hind legs. The bottom left cover is blue and features a close-up of a plant with large leaves. The bottom right cover is purple and features a mountain landscape with a bridge in the foreground. The background is a light grey color.
Courtesy Polyvinyl Records

Legendary Champaign rock band Hum is re-issuing their celebrated four-album catalog on vinyl, hitting the shelves on December 8th, 2023. Collaborating closely with original designer Andy Mueller/OhioGirl, the band has overseen the remastering and manufacturing process to offer each album as a double-LP 180g set in both black and color variants.

The collection includes:

  • “Electra 2000” (1993, 12-Inch Records)
  • “You’d Prefer an Astronaut” (1995, RCA)
  • “Downward is Heavenward” (1998, RCA)
  • “Inlet” (2020, Earth Analog Records)

Fans can pre-order the albums via Polyvinyl Record Co. Other items available for pre-order include posters, a t-shirt, and hoodie.

Formed in 1989 and achieving mainstream success with hits like “Stars,” Hum has remained a prominent influence in the alternative rock scene. The band’s members expressed gratitude for the ongoing support from fans and excitement about this re-issuing, marking a continuation of their musical legacy. Whether you’re an old fan or new to their music, this vinyl collection offers a fresh take on the timeless sound of Hum.

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