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Hybridity coming to Krannert

University of Illinois’ dance students are having their semesterly studio dance performance next week. February Dance: Hybridity will be at Krannert’s Colwell Playhouse February 6th-8th, starting at 7:30 p.m. Ticket prices vary.
From the Krannert website:

Hybridity at its most basic is a notion of mixing. It is the combining of disparate components to create another anew. A term initiated by scientists and explored by postcolonial and cultural theorists, it has come to be known as a symbol of the contemporary era, a place of national, racial, gendered, aesthetic, and disciplinary blurring, whereby subjects and objects resist essentializing. Dance at Illinois uses the notion of hybridity this year to look at the ways contemporary dance has engaged hybridity, has built its tenets upon it (whether acknowledged or not), and has committed to wrestle with it. In addition to our resident faculty, who regularly delve into the messiness of hybrid constructs, we include in our ranks for the coming year two artists, Jennifer Archibald and Elijah Alhadji Gibson, who also create from the combining of multiple ideologies, elements, and points of entry. With their roots in hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary dance, we look forward to these artists as they mix anew.

If you haven’t checked out the dance program at Illinois can do, it’s a great experience. Check it out next week. 

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