Smile Politely

Illini Gymnastic Meets are super fun

Honestly I don’t know enough about the sport to be able to pontificate for long about the way the Illini performed, but just going to Huff Hall today was fun and engaging and something that the community should celebrate. The Men’s team is currently #4 in the nation, and was leading 271.950 to 257.450 by the time my youngest son lost his mind. 

The level of sportsmanship, from both the Illini and their guests, the Arizona State Sun Devils was refreshing. Lots of high fives, lots of encouragement. The way it’s supposed to be. Competitive, but respectful. 

Plus, these are athletes that are simply magnificent. Watching it live was no less than amazing. 

Check out the next home meet for the Men on February 24 versus Michigan. But the Women compete against Iowa on Friday February 2, at 7:00 p.m. They are currently ranked #21 but lost a nail biter to Michigan last night, so let’s hope they bounce back real soon. 

Can confirm, this is totally worth your time. 

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