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Illinois Public Media won a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award

A collection of old radio microphones are a part of a display, sitting, on a dark wood case.
Andy Long

Last year, WILL-AM celebrated 100 years of broadcasting in Central Illinois. This month, Illinois Public Media was honored with a Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards for Small Market- Best News Series for coverage of the 100th anniversary.

Specifically, the award acknowledged the work of Senior Reporter Jim Meadows. From the press release:

During Meadows’ reporting, he spoke with several present and former staff members, worked with archivist and former Focus 580 producer Jack Brighton, and spent countless hours digging through the University of Illinois archives to produce features celebrating the oldest component of Illinois Public Media as the organization marked 100 years of broadcasting in back in April 2022.

The collection of features is now being considered for a national Edward R. Murrow award. All of the WILL at 100 coverage is available on the Illinois Public Media website.

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