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Institute of Aviation to become regular academic program at Parkland

From the press release:

Trustees vote to integrate Institute of Aviation as an academic department

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — At a regular board meeting held at the Institute of Aviation that included a tour of the facilities and presentation by Chief Pilot Don Talleur, the Parkland College Board of Trustees voted to move the institute and its programs from grant funded status to a regular academic department. Parkland College took over running the Institute of Aviation from the University of Illinois in 2014 and began offering aviation training that fall.

During the meeting, Pam Lau, vice president for academic services, gave a report on the Institute of Aviation and noted the increase in students over the previous four academic years. Currently, there are 67 students enrolled and the institute has marked a 400% increase in students who are seeking the Associate in Science (Aviation) degree. Over the past four years, earned credit hours have increased by 96% and the average course pass rate for students is 93.5%.

Dr. Lau also noted the addition of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) training initially offered by Business Training and Community Education beginning in 2015. Based on the success of this program, the Institute of Aviation will launch a 6-credit hour UAS certificate in fall 2018. Based on current stability and positive indicators for future growth, Dr. Lau recommended that Parkland College move the institute to academic department status.
Also during the meeting:

  • Trustees approved the purchase of classroom furniture for $182,150, for 13 classroom and student work areas that were identified as needing new or upgraded furnishings. The furniture consists of tables and chairs which can be configured to accommodate a variety of teaching/learning opportunities and increase accessibility for all students.
  • Parkland College President Tom Ramage announced that Gregory Cozad, CEO of Cozad Asset Management, would be recognized with an honorary degree at the 2018 commencement exercises, and that Kelly Loschen, Parkland College Foundation Board member, would be recognized as the winner of the Distinguished Alumni award.
  • President Ramage also announced that the 2018 commencement speakers would be Luke and Carter Boyce of local film production company Shatterglass Studios.

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