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It’s patio season again at Rose Bowl Tavern

An outdoor setup for an event under a large white tent, surrounded by colorful picnic tables arranged neatly on a parking lot. The scene is set in an urban environment with buildings in the background and several vehicles parked nearby, suggesting a community or public gathering space.
Derrick Philips

We had our quarterly writer’s party at Maize last night, but before I joined the festivities, I had to swing by to witness my favorite rite of Spring: the erecting of the tent for patio season at Rose Bowl Tavern. 

When I arrived in the late afternoon, the tent was up, the tables were out and the crew of hearty volunteers were sanding, painting, cleaning, and buttoning up any remaining loose ends. I stood there for a moment staring at the stage, imagining the great music I witnessed being performed in years past, and imagining what I was in store for this summer. 

Two individuals in a celebratory mood, likely involved in setting up or participating in the event under the tent. A man with long hair, a beard, and a cap, is holding a yellow sander, while a woman, sporting sunglasses, poses energetically with sanding equipment. Their attire and equipment suggest they might be part of the crew preparing the venue.
Charlie Harris and Holly Monet (by Derrick Philips)

“Patio Season” at Rose Bowl began in 2020 as a response to the Covid quarantine. The new owners (at the time) petitioned the city of Urbana for the ability to use the city parking lot outside Rose Bowl’s backdoor to erect a tent to be able to continue to allow live music to be played, which everyone knows is the heart and soul of this establishment. Since that time, Rose Bowl Tavern has been granted a special use permit for this area between May 1st and October 31st the past few years. 

The first official show of this patio season is Friday, May 3rd featuring the band Still Shine, bringing their unique blend of acoustic roots and progressive bluegrass to the outdoor stage. Expect an evening filled with energetic performances and tight harmonies that have made them a favorite in the Midwest music scene.

A large outdoor tent setup, possibly for an event, with people gathered underneath. The tent is white, covering a space equipped with several picnic tables and a suspended moon-like decoration, all located in a parking lot.
Derrick Philips

Music Editor

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