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It’s time for a little timeout

A log, cut in half standing vertically with a wood sign that has the words Time Out carved in it, painted red. It sits in front of a house with white siding and red window frames.
Erik Mclean on Pexels

This week has been wild, huh? Apocalyptic, even. Seems like a good time for us to take a bit of a break.

Next week, Smile Politely will be taking a publishing break. And no, it’s not actually because the reality of climate change smacked us in the face this week. It happens about this time every year. It’s is an opportunity for all of us here to take a breath, a time out, a step back from our laptops.

So, if the universe could just make it so nothing super interesting happens in C-U while we’re all unplugged, that would be great.

We’ll be back the week of July 10th with The Overture, The Weekender, SP Digest, and all the things.

In the meantime, take a moment and read up on the highlights from this week, then sign up to receive them each and every Friday (except the next one) below.

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