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Japan House is hosting a Bento Lunch on February 11th

Japan House will be hosting a Bento Lunch on February 11th. This exciting event will give everyone the opportunity to learn more about Japanese Bento, and the chance to talk to the Japan Illini Club Scholars and their endeavors at the University and Japan. 

Tickets are available now, check out the menu:


-2 kinds Onigiri – pickled plum, grilled salmon
-Stewed beef and vegetables (Vegetarian option: fried tofu and konjac/konnyaku)
-Japanese omelet
-Stir-fried burdock and carrot
-Mashed tofu salad with spinach
-Rabbit shaped apple 
-Miso soup with tofu, wakame and green onion
-Sweet red bean soup with shiratama-dango 
-Genmai-cha and rice crackers

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