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Jay Rosenstein’s new series, “The Multimillion-Dollar Headfake”, published by Huffington Post

U of I Media scholar Jay Rosenstein has a long history of research in relation to the University of Illinois — namely his landmark In Whose Honor? discussing the Chief. (Read back on the documentary here, and check it out via PBS.)

This time around, he’s diving deep into the financing of Illinois Athletics with his newest series, The Multimillion-Dollar Headfake: An investigative expose about the financing of UI Athletics. The first two parts of the four part series has been published by Huffington Post: Part one is called “U Of I Athletic Director Gets A Raise, And Taxpayers Get The Bill”, and Part two, “‘No Taxpayer Dollars’ For Coaches At the U of I? You May Be Surprised”.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the continuation of the four part series at his website.

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