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Jim Boone returns to Volition as new studio director

It has been a rough few months for resident game developer Volition — as they laid off a bunch of employees recently following the release of Agents of Mayhem.

They are turning back the clock a bit, and have announced the hire of Jim Boone as the new studio director. Boone returns to Volition after 18 months away, as GameIndustryBiz points out:

Boone returns to the Saints Row creator as studio development director. He had been part of the Volition family for most of its life. He was there in 1994 when it was part of Parallax, working in QA on the publishing side on the likes of Descent and Descent II. He witnessed Parallax split into Volition and Outrage, and became a producer on the FreeSpace series. He witnessed the birth of Red Faction and Saints Row, acting as one of the company’s main spokespeople, before leaving 18 months ago for a role at League of Legends creator Riot Games.

Volition tweeted this out earlier today:

Executive Editor

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