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Jim Turpin retiring from “Penny For Your Thoughts” today

After almost 40 years, the “Voice of the Illini” and legendary broadcaster, Jim Turpin, is retiring from hosting his weekday radio call in show, “Penny for your Thoughts” on WDWS today, December 22, 2017.

For decades, Jim’s baritone has been a calming and soothing voice on the air, through uncertain times, and celebrations alike. 

One of the more impressive parts of his career, for me, was his ability to listen to crazy on a daily basis, and try to talk some sense into them. Radio call in shows in the middle of Illinois are going to attract a particular kind of audience. Especially when the station that is airing it also hosts Hannity, Limbaugh, and their ilk. 

Jim Turpin always did a great job being patient with the undereducated and confused. He managed their anger well, and allowed them a chance to speak, but was always considerate of the truth. For his place and time, he was a calming voice on the air, and hopefully, some of those misguided folks got a chance to let it all out, and then hopefully straighten themselves out a bit. 

I’ll miss hearing that voice on the air. It’s literally been part of my life since I was born. Just this past fall, I was honored to be interviewed by Mr. Turpin about PYGMALION and it was just so much fun to finally be in conversation with him as opposed to just listening from the sidelines. 

Best wishes to Jim and his family, and a big hearty congratulations on a fine career from all of us at Smile Politely. 

Photos from Facebook; News-Gazette 

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