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KAMS is celebrating its 90th anniversary this weekend

A black and white photo of the front of a luncheonette. There is a 1950s style car parked in front, and several people milling around outside.
Champaign Urbana History on Facebook

The bar that would become the preeminent drinking destination for scores of undergrads (and at times the underaged) began as Kamerer’s Annex in 1933.

A old advertisement for Kamerer Bros. It is black typeface with a portion of the text surrounded by a yellow rectangle.
Champaign Urbana History on Facebook

You can read a bit of the history of the space, and it’s transition from a luncheonette to the Home of the Drinking Illini on the U of I Beta website.

KAMS is celebrating the anniversary on Saturday, February 11th in conjunction with the Illinois-Rutgers basketball game, with giveaways, commemorative pint glasses, and more nostalgic merch. A photographer will be taking photos to create a new piece of wallpaper for the bar.

I have to say that my memories of my times at KAMS are a fuzzy blob of sticky floors, shots of Goldschlager, and people sweating on me while Tubthumping blasted in my ears. But I’m sure that I had some fun.

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