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Kangaroo Court is relocating; catch them one more time at Rose Bowl

Four separate photos of the members of Kangaroo Court performing onstage. From left to right: The drummer, the guitarist, the bass player and the lead singer/guitarist.
Derrick Philips

A popular local band is heading back to their roots, so take advantage of the opportunity to see them one more time in Urbana. To be honest, this may be your last chance to see them in such an intimate venue as well. 

Kangaroo Court is leaving Urbana and returning to their home base of Chicago in August. The band originally met each other as students a University of Illinois. They’ve been a staple of the C-U punk/rock scene since their inception, and they will certainly be missed. 

“I don’t think any of us even planned on sticking around C-U for as long as we did, but it was, in many ways, the perfect place to start and grow this project,” a band member shared with me via Facebook. “The Urbana music community has been hugely supportive of us, and C-U’s centralized location helped us make it to several surrounding cities where we began to grow as well. All of this would have been much more difficult had we got our start in a larger market like Chicago, but we’ve now hit a point with the band where heading to Chicago is a logical next step to try and continue our journey.” 

Personally, I’m very excited about this band’s future. Rarely have a seen a young band play so aggressively and tight, and they melted the tent they played in at Summer Camp Music Festival a few weeks ago. So what’s next for Kangaroo Court?

“We just recently finished up mixing and mastering on our debut album: This is Kangaroo Court! We’re currently working on the release plan as well as planning out some tours for this summer and fall. This record is the culmination of nearly two years of hard work; we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve made and I can’t wait to see its reception amongst our fans.”

I can share that the fans are equally as excited.

Kangaroo Court with 4×4 Animal Style
Rose Bowl Tavern
106 N Race St 
F June 16th, 11 p.m.

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