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Langston Allston is designing a custom Bulls hat for a giveaway

The Chicago Bulls are doing their fourth Chicago Artist Hat Series, partnering with All Star Press to give away thousands of custom Bulls hats designed by Chicago artists.

This time around, one of the hats will be designed by Champaign native and U of I grad Langston Allston. In Allston’s Instagram story, he revealed his inspiration:

A screen shot with three view of a black baseball cap with white lightning bolts. It says Chicago Bulls in white and has the red Bulls logo in the center. The graphic says Langston Allston, February 24, 2022 in black letters. Screenshot from Instagram. Screenshot from Instagram.

A screenshot of a black hat with white lightening bolts. In the center is the red Bulls logo, and it says 1996 NBA Champs above it. Screenshot from Instagram. Screenshot from Instagram.

Allston’s design will be given away to the first 5000 fans through the United Center gates on February 24, 2022. 

Top screenshot from Chicago Bulls Instagram. 

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