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Listen to unearthed audio of the White Stripes performing at The Highdive in 2000

The Highdive lived a long life up until the end of 2015 when things changed a bit. First the Accord and now 51 Main — but it is really cool to see when things resurface unexpectedly. One of those things being this audio unearthed from when The White Stripes performed there on June 29, 2000.

From what I can gather in comments on Facebook — Bargos Steeler and Rectangle opened this show. You can check out John Isberg’s post at the very bottom below the setlist and read through them, the post is Public.

The White Stripes performing at the Highdive in Champaign, IL on June 29, 2000.
0:00 Let’s Shake Hands
1:44 Jolene
4:45 You’re Pretty Good Looking/Hello Operator
9:10 When I Hear My Name
10:55 Cannon/John The Revelator
13:10 One More Cup Of Coffee (Bob Dylan Cover)
16:27 Wasting My Time
18:55 Death Letter
24:15 Little Bird
27:35 Jimmy The Exploder (!!!)
30:07 I’m Bored (!!!!!!!!!) (Iggy Pop Cover)
31:34 Do
34:25 Astro/Jack The Ripper/I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield
38:00 The Big Three Killed My Baby
40:29 Sugar Never Tasted So Good
43:55 Southern Can Is Mine 🙂
46:20 Screwdriver

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