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Live national election coverage and specials on UPTV

On Election Night, Tuesday 11/2, beginning at 9:30pm and going until 1 am, UPTV will broadcast live coverage of results from the national mid-term elections, provided by Free Speech TV.   Contributors to the live coverage will include Amy Goodman (DEMOCRACY NOW!), Thom Hartmann (THE BIG PICTURE), Jim Hightower and Laura Flanders.  (DEMOCRACY NOW! and THE BIG PICTURE are also seen weekdays from 7 to 8:30 am on UPTV.)

Prior to the election, UPTV will air two special documentaries produced by film-maker Dorothy Fadiman.  STEALING AMERICA: VOTE BY VOTE is her award-winning 2008 film unveiling the facts behind widespread voting irregularities attributed to electronic balloting.  It addresses questions of election integrity, and the threat that electronic voting might pose to fair elections.   STEALING AMERICA will air on UPTV this Thursday 10/28 at 1:30 pm and 7:30 pm, and again Election Day at 12 noon.

Fadiman’s latest work is RECLAIMING THEIR VOICE: THE NATIVE AMERICAN VOTE IN NEW MEXICO & BEYOND.  Narrated by Peter Coyote, this Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning documentary follows Native Americans taking a stand against injustice in the political process.   In addition to documenting  Native American suffrage historically, the film follows a groundbreaking project led by the Laguna, NM Native community which led to significant positive changes in New Mexico state election law, and serves as a model for how other minority populations can work together to make sure they can vote and their votes will be counted.  UPTV will air RECLAIMING THEIR VOICE this Friday 10/29 at 11:15 am, Sunday 10/31 at 9:30pm, and Tuesday 11/2 (Election Day) at 11 am.

UPTV is the television service of the City of Urbana, providing governmental, educational and public access television to, and by, the local community.  It is available on Comcast Channel 6 to over 40,000 homes in Urbana, Champaign, Savoy, Bondville, Philo, Ogden and St. Joseph, as well as in Springfield, Decatur and Danville on ATT U-Verse Channel 99.  The complete program schedule is at  Membership is free and entitles volunteers to free video and editing training and equipment use.  For more information, contact UPTV at 217-384-2452 or at [email protected].

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