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Local band Curb Service featured on popular YouTube series

Screen capture of YouTube video with the album cover of Curb Service's album Que Pasa on the left, and musician's Rob Scallion and Andrew Huang looking at another copy of the right.
Sonic Boom on YouTube

Canadian musician, producer, and YouTube sensation Andrew Huang has been making waves in the music industry with his educational and entertaining videos. With a whopping 2.3 million subscribers, his channel is a hub for all things music production, sound design, and creativity. From mind-blowing music tutorials to gear reviews and out-of-the-box experiments with unconventional instruments, Andrew Huang has cemented his position as a go-to source for musicians and music lovers alike.

In his latest endeavor, the groundbreaking series Sonic Boom, co-created with the talented Rob Scallon, Andrew set out to recreate songs based solely on their artwork. Among the selected tracks was the song “Que Pasa” by Champaign-Urbana band Curb Service. The mastermind behind Curb Service, Larry Gates, couldn’t contain his excitement when he learned that Andrew and Rob had chosen their track. Larry had stumbled upon a call for “cool songs with cool artwork” on Twitter and decided to throw “Que Pasa” into the mix. Little did he know that a few months later, he would receive an email from Andrew’s assistant, confirming their selection. Impressed by the musicianship demonstrated in the recreation and enamored with the whole exercise, Larry expressed his desire to see more collaborations of this caliber in the future. It’s important to mention that the captivating artwork inspiring Andrew’s choice was skillfully crafted by Champaign artist Thomas Frye, also known as Brother Yeti. Without Thomas’s artistic vision, this incredible opportunity would not have come to fruition.

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