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Local MCs battle for opening slot for Duke Deuce at Canopy Club

The picture captures a moment on a stage bathed in blue and purple lighting. Four individuals are present. The person on the left is clad in a white shirt. The individual on the right is dressed in a black shirt. The person in the center sports a black jacket and a necklace. The individual on the far right is wearing a white shirt and a necklace. The atmosphere appears to be that of a live performance.
Cypher Saturdays

The Canopy Club is set to host an electrifying evening with “Bless The Stage,” a unique event where emerging talents vie for the coveted opportunity to open for the renowned Memphis artist Duke Deuce, also known as the New King of Krunk. Slated for Sunday, January 28th, this 18 and over event promises an atmosphere brimming with raw energy and passion. 

In this high-stakes competition, starting sharply at 6:30 p.m., a diverse array of artists including DB, Hefe Corleone, Femi Ishola, J Larro, Jayoo Da Boss, Mary Jane, Mook Da Don, Moe Pesci da Goodfella, Nayiaa Official, Notorious Tre, PattyO, ReRI, Wooder MOE, and many others will showcase their talents. The performances will be randomly ordered, adding an element of surprise to the night. The Champaign Cypher Series, known for its dynamic and engaging performances, will accompany the event, enhancing the vibrant atmosphere. DJ Belly, renowned for his ability to keep the crowd moving, will be spinning tracks throughout the evening, ensuring the energy never dips. Audience members will have the power to vote, with the winner announced by the end of the night, promising a thrilling conclusion to an evening filled with raw talent and unforgettable performances.

The winner will perform with Trouble Chasin’ and headliner Duke Deuce on Saturday, February 10th at Canopy Club in Urbana. Tickets for that show are on sale now and range from $20 to $30.

Bless the Stage
Canopy Club
Su January 28th, 6:30 p.m.
$10 to $15.

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