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LOSTies in CU find a new home

In the absence of perhaps the greatest television drama of our lifetimes, some of the more crazy-obsessed folks (like myself) out there are struggling from withdrawal. In the meantime, the some addicts from around town have created an event to temporarily suffice. Read the event infomation below and get LOST:

Dear fellow LOSTies,

What shall we do with our Wednesday evenings, henceforth?

We need not look far: Let’s grab some brewskies and bask in the sun, while speculating whether Juliette’s really dead, if Jacob’s the Devil, and whose eye was that in the season 6 preview, anyway!?

In short…
WHO: You and yours
WHEN: Wed., May 20, 6 p.m.
WHERE: Esquire Lounge, downtown Champaign



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