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Mahomet brothers Kyle and Kade Kinnamon featured on Disney

A couple of Mahomet natives, Kyle and Kade Kinnamon, were featured on Disney’s Playlist today, which you can see featured here. Their song about bullying included, and you can see their coinciding interview below as well. Check out the whole piece linked above.

Nice work, Kinnamon crew.

We were lucky enough to chat with Kyle and Kade about their inspiration for the song and the role that music plays in their lives.

Playlist: What was your motivation for writing the song?
Kyle: I was bullied last year, along with one of my friends, and that experience inspired me to write it. It was the best way I could express my thoughts and feelings about it.

Playlist: How did you come up with the lyrics?
Kyle: They kind of just came flowing out of me. “Leave Me Be” was the first song I ever wrote, and through it, I realized I have a talent for writing and have written five more songs.

Playlist: Why is the anti-bullying cause so important to you?
Kyle: I really hate seeing people getting bullied, I hate that it still happens a lot.
Kade: I know most kids who are bullied are afraid to speak up about it.  I hope those kids will connect with the message in the song and realize that they are not alone.

Playlist: What do you think we can do to stop bullying?
Kyle: We should try to raise awareness about it.

Playlist: How long have you been writing music?
Kyle: For about six months now. I’m a big fan of Justin Beiber and Eminem’s music.

Playlist: What role does music play in your life?
Kyle: It’s my passion, it’s what I’m all about. It’s very much what I want to do.

Playlist: How do you think music can help causes like anti-bullying?
Kyle: I think songs can have such a powerful message and can really speak to people.

Playlist: If you could tell people one thing about bullying to help stop it from happening, what would you say?
Kyle: I think I’d tell people to speak up, say what you have to say. Violence isn’t the answer. Just really get that message out there.

What an awesome example of how we can do what we love and fight for an important cause! Do you want to get involved? Tweet today with #ChooseKindness or #UnityDay2014 and make your voice heard!

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