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Medical marijuana dispensary “expected to open in March” in Champaign

It is happening, C-U. Well, probably sometime soon, or so it seems. The N-G has reported that Champaign’s medical marijuana dispensery is “expected to open in March”:

Phoenix Botanicals, to be operated by Phoenix Farms, is under construction at 1704 S. Neil St., Suite C, Champaign, and should be able to pin down its exact opening day in March in about a week, according to Caprice Sweatt, founder and CEO of Medical Cannabis Outreach, the organization hired by Phoenix Farms to register and educate patients in the area.

As of Monday, the state hadn’t yet approved final dispensary licenses for Phoenix Farms or NuMed Rx, the dispensary planned to open at the former Blockbuster Video store at 105 E. University Ave., U.

Check out the whole article linked above for more information.

I feel obligated to post this tweet as well, based on the outlet:

Check out Chris Tepedino’s article from 2014 about medicial marijuana and C-U.

Photo from Google Maps.

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