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Memphis on Main is closing November 1st

Memphis on Main, located at 55 E. Main Street in Downtown Champaign, will close officially November 1st, multiple sources have confirmed. While it is possible that the bar would reopen at a later date, their plan is to make October 31st their last night of business.

Memphis on Main owner Rod Sickler confirmed the report, providing this statement:

We have been unable to secure our lease with Dr. Youngerman, Al Nudo, and Thomas Pantham. Following our discussions, they have decided to pull our lease, which means we cannot renew our liquor license, which is due November 1st. They have not returned our messages after several attempts.

Business at Memphis on Main has been very good financially — as good as it ever has been there for us. We are very appreciative and grateful for the support from the public. Ultimately, this is an unfortunate situation, and is very sad they are working against us.

We were told that they do not agree with our “business model”, and did not offer any further explanation. We have been unable to secure a long term lease, and we’re unable to move forward without the lease and liquor license.

I’d like to thank everyone for all their support.

An anonymous source has indicated that it is possible that Memphis on Main would reopen at a later date if negotiations were continued surrounding the lease and liquor license renewal.

We have reached out to the building owners and have not heard back at this time.

Photo by Patrick Singer

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