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Menthol on CoS: “Wanna Hear The Greatest Unheard Band of the ’90s?”

After one local band was featured on BuzzFeed and we posted about it earlier in the week, another piece has been brought to our attention. This time, it is a pretty significant feature on locals Menthol by Consequence of Sound. 

“Wanna Hear The Greated Unheard Band of the 90s” tells the story of Menthol and is definitely worth the read. They also put together a 2+ hour interview with some members of the band in a rare interview (and stream it below):

Marc With a C has been chasing the proverbial grail that is the Menthol story since the fateful announcement that Capitol had completely dropped the band and left their material in the vaults. After nearly five years of attempts to make this episode a reality, he’s joined by Menthol’s lead guitarist and vocalist Balthazar De Ley who granted us a “rare as hen’s teeth” interview.

Thanks to the head’s up from reader Brian K. As his submission read initially, “Remember these guys?” 

You better believe we do.

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