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Merry Travelers release new single and video for “Sun and Moon” ahead of October album release

This is an image of a collage of words cut out from different sources and pasted on a blue background. The words are “merry”, “TRAVELERS”, “Sun”, “AND”, and “MOON”. They are written in different colors and fonts, and arranged in a scattered manner. The background is a gradient of blue, with a darker shade on the top and a lighter shade on the bottom
Asher Danziger

Merry Travelers’ new single “Sun and Moon” isn’t just a musical release — it’s a multidimensional artwork that weaves together music, stop-motion animation, and paper puppetry. Conceived by lead singer Holly Monet Curia, the song tells a whimsical love story between celestial bodies, which is brought to life visually through over 1,400 handcrafted frames.

The artistic aspect of the video was executed by Asher Danziger, a founding member who left the band in 2018 but reunited for this creative endeavor. Based in New Orleans, Danziger orchestrated the stop-motion animation, laboring over each frame with meticulous care. Holly Monet and another band member, Charlie, collaborated with him during an intensive three-day shoot in a converted kitchen turned dark room. While Danziger focused on the animation, Charlie managed the technical elements, such as lighting and camera orientation.

Months were spent fine-tuning the video through a series of remote coordination sessions. Finally released on August 30th, the video serves as a precursor to the full album, scheduled for release on October 28th. Mark your calendars for an album release show at Rose Bowl Tavern, featuring other local favorites like Big Daddy Pride & the East Side Five, Neon Gravel, and Chicago-based psych-blues-rock band Daisychain.

This innovative project by Merry Travelers represents an artistic and intriguing fusion of auditory and visual art forms, setting the stage for their upcoming album and performances.

Video credits:

Animated and Illustrated by Asher Danziger
Directed by Holly Curia and Asher Danziger
Technical Consultant, Charlie Harris

Music Editor

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