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Mid Summer Lounge in Campustown is legit

During the madness that is Quad Day at the University of Illinois, Publisher Seth Fein and I decided to make a stop at Mid Summer Lounge in Campustown. This is a fairly new chinese restaurant at 623 E. Green St. — we stopped in to test it out.

We were not disappointed. 

Walking in, the place was pretty full of people, contrary to the photo below that I snapped before we left. 

The photo above is the Beef Shunk bowl ($13), and we ordered two plates of dumplings — pork and green onion ($8.50), and another with beef and carrot ($9). That, plus one of the hard boiled eggs for $.75. Delicious all around.

Be forewarned: there is a bit of a language barrier — we had some trouble asking questions, as the employees don’t speak a ton of English. We got some assistance, and all was well to help us sort through an order.

I’m sure Jess and her crew will have a full review at some point in the near future, but I thought this would be worth sharing in the meantime.

Executive Editor

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