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NCSA is adding an AI computing system thanks to a National Science Foundation grant

A row of tall black supercomputer components. They have multicolored wires on top of them.
Jorge Murga

Last year, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) powered up their new Delta computing system. At the time, Co-Principal Investigator and Deputy Project Director Tim Boerner told us that “Delta will be used by researchers across the nation to help them answer these big questions that come up in their research. It will do this with its substantial computing power and ability to move large amounts of data around inside the system.”

Now, NCSA will be expanding their capacity with a companion system, DeltaAI. A $10 million grant from the National Science Foundation will help fund DeltaAI, which will have double the performance of Delta. From NCSA Director Bill Gropp:

DeltaAI will provide powerful capabilities for simulation and data science, with a strong emphasis on support for AI, which is in growing demand across many fields of science and engineering. This project seeks to expand the use of AI methods in research by providing easier access, training offerings and other support to promote a wider demographic of researchers. These project goals align with our greater mission at NCSA and the NSF effort to democratize high-performance computing.

You can read more about this new addition at the NCSA website.

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