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New drive-through business Ginger Ale’s is opening in Savoy with a wild menu

Ginger Ale's in Savoy is near completion. The outside is lime green with a center accent of black with the red logo and text of "Ginger Ale's" above it. Photo by Alyssa Buckley.
Alyssa Buckley

Ginger Ale’s, a shop with a drive-through of drinks, quick-serve meals, and desserts, is coming to Savoy on Dunlap Avenue near Walmart and Captain Jack’s Treasures. Also with locations in Olney and Mattoon, this will be the seventh location for the Illinois chain Ginger Ale’s. Though the beverage business is not yet open, the posted menu is wild. The business will offer a namesake ginger juice, described as: “a fruity beverage concoction with a sour punch candy straw.” For a drink called gingersnap, it’s ginger juice topped with Pop Rocks.

Ginger Ale’s also offers ginger ale soda in addition to so many drinks that it’s probably easier to list what’s not on the menu. The business claims they have sextillion drink options, and I kind of believe it. Besides ginger juice and ginger ale, the drinks include iced teas, lemonade, limeades, bubble milk tea, fountain drinks, sparkling water, frappes, smoothies, protein shakes, hot cocoa, hot tea, coffee, mochas, lattes, cappuccino, Italian soda, milk, Gatorade, Monster energy drinks, and Red Bull. Any drink can have one of the 40+ flavor shots added. The flavor shots range from the usual (strawberry) to the unique (marshmallow) to the unusual (white squirrel).

Ginger Ale’s on Instagram

As far as food, there’s breakfast options like this sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiched between two glazed doughnuts. For lunch, they sell hot dogs, pulled pork, and nachos, plus all-day snacky bites: a cheesecake-stuffed soft pretzel, candy, cookies, Dippin Dots, and more. The drive-through will also have pup cups (two ounces of whipped cream) for good doggos.

The opening date is set for the third week of August. Follow the Savoy location on Facebook for updates. Learn more about the Illinois chain on their website here.

Ginger Ale’s
405 S Dunlap Ave

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