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New health care doc to premiere at The Art

The new health care documentary Health Care In All the Wrong Places will have its premiere at the Art Theater Co-op on January 28.

The film, by director/composer Susan Parenti, is approximately 90 minutes long and will feature a post-show Q&A with Parenti, her cast and crew, and Dr. Patch Adams.

Per the Art website: 

“There are people needing health care roaming the streets of a small town, venturing into local stores and public institutions. And since they can’t get health care in any of the right places, they’re looking for it in all wrong ones instead.

Health Care In All the Wrong Places takes as its point of departure the United States’ health care delivery system and the precarious crossroads it finds itself in. It shows us, in the conversations that result between what the people needing care say and how the places and institutions they speak to respond, a linguistic mismatch of tragic-comic proportions, and how our figures of speech and the figures in the world that we live in grapple with one another to each try to claim the place of a dominant metaphor.”

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