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New local political blog, Big Debbie’s House, launches

A new political blog has popped up, and it’s not just any political blog—it’s geared towards Champaign politics. It’s called Big Debbie’s House. Simply a WordPress site at this point in time, but an intersting strategy is being used to culminate convesation relating to the Champaign political scene.

Per the description on their Facebook page:

Big Debbie’s House is dedicated to breaking news and fomenting discussions of politics and government in Champaign County. If you have a news release, tip, or suggestion email Big Debbie’s House at [email protected]. We will protect the anonymity of any tipster who requests it. We also want to ensure factually accurate information and will issue corrections or clarifications to any verifiable errors or omissions on any post.

Big Debbie especially appreciates information regarding campaign advertisements in Champaign County, including image scans of direct mail pieces, youtube links to television ads, and audio files of radio ads. The source of any campaign advertisements emailed to Big Debbie’s House will remain anonymous if requested.

We’ll see what happens, but for now, it seems like it is worth checking out.

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