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New Psychic Twin single to get release on Polyvinyl

New tracks from Psychic Twin have been popping up here and there over the last year or so. Their single from last year, “Gonna Get Her,” got the Lefse Records treatment with its release, and now this new track, “Strangers,” is getting the Polyvinyl treatment. No real surprise there considering the history with Headlights and the label. You can stream the new track below, which was featured on Stereogum, The Faderamong others. So it’s getting some pretty good circulation around the interweb. For all (myself included) who have been awaiting a proper Psychic Twin debut release, 2013 is looking better and better for someting like that to happen. Only time will tell.
“Strangers,” with the unreleased b-side “Dream State,” will get a proper release on April 2 on Polyvinyl on white vinyl (limited to 500) for $6. Check out all the details over at Polyvinyl’s site.

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