Smile Politely

Oh my goodness, look at these cute photos

A stuffed animal (possibly a tiger) is being repaired with sutures by a white person wearing scrubs, as a child wearing orange gloves looks on and holds the stuffed animal.
Champaign Public Library on Facebook

Last weekend, the Champaign Public Library hosted an event called Teddy Bear Hospital, inviting children to bring their injured or sick stuffed animals to the library for a free health clinic. The U of I Veterinary Student Outreach Program was on hand to facilitate. 

When I posted about the event last weekend, I thought it was a cool and cute opportunity to teach kids about science, and health, and animals. CPL posted some photos of the event, and they are just too damn cute. Spoliers: the kids are wearing scrubs! And masks! And gloves! And oversized shoe coverings! 

I am now full of hope and happiness, at least in this moment. 

Check them out below. 

Top photo from Facebook. 


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