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Pens to Lens needs poster designers: make a kid happy

CUDO’s professional-quality movie posters have been enhancing the Pens to Lens red carpet gala for four years now, and they’re ready for the fifth. 

The organization is aiming to create a poster for each of the 200 scripts that were submitted this year, so they need help in droves. 

There’s a month until the July 16th deadline, so why don’t you commit to making a poster or three

As always, you’re able to peruse the scripts to see what calls to your artistic heart… but I’ve also heard that this year they are introducing a randomization option: you push a button, an algorithm spins an imaginary wheel*, and you’re sent whatever pops up. It’ll be like one of those inspiration games such as The Exquisite Corpse or trying to understand what a client really wants. 

Except this time, the client will be a kid between the ages of 5 and 17 and will jump up and down and say, “Holy crow my movie script has an awesome poster!” 

And that awesome poster will be designed by you. And you can put it in your portfolio. 

What’s that link again? So glad you asked.

*this part probably does not happen this way. Or maybe it does. 

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