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Phillip Michael Scales to visit Mahomet for listening room experience at Yellow and Co.

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With roots spanning from Michigan to Chicago, and currently residing in Nashville, Philip-Michael Scales is set to take the stage at Yellow and Company in Mahomet this Saturday, August 5th. This performance will showcase Scales’ distinctive musical style, dubbed “Dive Bar Soul,” which combines elements of indie rock storytelling with blues-inspired passion. In 2022, Scales’ talent gained recognition from television host Ellen Degeneres, which significantly increased his visibility in the music industry. I’ve also seen Scales perform multiple times at Mile of Music in Appleton, WI, and his talent and energy are nothing short of exhilarating.

Scales has a unique musical legacy, being a family acquaintance of the renowned blues musician B.B. King. However, it wasn’t until his adult years that Scales truly embraced this connection, initially distinguishing himself within the indie rock genre. Following the passing of his “Uncle B,” as he referred to B.B. King, Scales started to incorporate more blues elements into his music as a tribute to his late mentor.

Scales’ music is characterized by a mixture of personal and political narratives, exploring concepts of identity and legacy. His single, “Find a Way”, gained national radio attention, underscoring his ability to unify the emotive nuances of blues and the narrative strength of indie rock. His professional career is noteworthy, having shared the stage with a variety of well-known artists such as Milky Chance, Jerry Cantrell, and Caravan Palace. This Saturday’s performance in Mahomet offers an opportunity for attendees to experience the immersive and distinctive sound of “Dive Bar Soul”.

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