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Pizzeria Antica is the downtown pizza we didn’t know we needed

Nestled right next to the contiguous Neil St. beer garden in downtown is a relatively new establishment: Pizzeria Antica. I’ve seen Pizzeria Antica around for quite some time, but until last night, had never had a chance to stop in and test their pie. After this new-found hunger that only pizza could solve, I was both impressed and surprised. My girlfriend and I split a pepperoni pizza (pictured below), and were thoroughly enthralled by the distinctly European ambiance that surrounds the restaurant.

Also featured at Antica are sodas exclusively in glass bottles (with real sugar!) and a gelato bar in a delightfully modern and cosmopolitan environment. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised, and will think of the pizzeria and their brick/wood-fired pies on Chester St. more often. Check out some of my photos below:

[gallery antica_splog]

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