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Plant Mode holding fundraiser at Furniture Lounge

Back at the beginning of July, I SPlogged about Plant Mode and the Indigogo campaign that J. Matthis Helmick launched to raise funds to open his storefront in Downtown Champaign. That Indigogo is at just over $4,000 raised, but still needs some help to reach the goal. 

In order to help boost funding, Plant Mode and Furniture Lounge have teamed up, and are raffling off the 70’s terrarium (below) that has been potted by Plant Mode. There’s more information about it over at the Facebook event page:

Stop by Furniture Lounge Thursday August 1st-Thursday August 8th and pick up a $5 raffle ticket.

You could be the winner of a 70’s Terrarium that has been potted up by Plant Mode. The planted up terrarium is valued at $150, it has 5 medium to bright light loving plants in it, and a couple terrarium do dads (emerald calcite, drift wood).

Lisa Meid and Erin Tuohy Nieto came up with this idea, and Furniture Lounge has been amazing (the terrarium is from their awesome stock) The terrarium is in the window if you are walking by after business hours. But really… you need to visit the shop to grab a ticket, and check out the great finds at Furniture Lounge.

The event runs through August 8th, which coincides with the end of the Indigogo campaign.

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