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Polyvinyl Records launches 10th annual Garage Sale

Hometown heroes Polyvinyl Records are back with their 10th annual Garage Sale, kicking off today.

Here, collectors and casual fans alike can find a huge selection of heavily discounted music that has been damaged, if only ever-so-slightly.

Pay a visit to the web page here, and check out what Polyvinyl had to say about the sale below:


Throughout the year, we find ourselves with a fair amount of CDs and vinyl records that were damaged in shipping. Sometimes our warehouse goofs and forgets to double box our vinyl when they ship it to us, and the corner of a record jacket is bent; occasionally the jewel case of a CD cracks or the corner of a digipak is crushed.

What do we do with the banged up product we receive? Well…that’s how the idea of a garage sale came up.

Nearly all of the record jackets in the garage sale have some superficial damage to them. Some are worse than others and we’ve done our best to come up with fair prices based on availability and condition. In most cases, the albums are still shrink-wrapped meaning the vinyl inside is in pristine condition.

All CDs in the garage sale are guaranteed to be scratch-free and will play with absolutely no problem. Any CD normally in a jewel case will be sent in a plastic sleeve. The tray card and the booklet are both included and can easily be placed in a new jewel case. Any CD normally in a digipak will be sent in the digipak, just not shrinkwrapped.

If you are a die-hard collector whose record collection must be in mint condition, this is not the sale for you. If, however, you are looking to find some excellent gems at affordable prices – welcome home and happy shopping!

The sale is first come first serve and we cannot hold items back for anyone under any circumstances. Have fun browsing!

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