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Pygmalion Lit Fest gets literal with local dispensaries as sponsors

After years of punning on “Lit”, the written portion of Pygmalion Festival will finally deliver the punchline. 

Despite the reputation of being an unofficial requirement for any advanced degree in English, the local marijuana dispensaries are expected to be present at LitFest only in a medicinal capacity. 

“Writing itself has proven therapeutic value, especially at times of extreme distress. What people don’t talk about is the effect that sharing this type of writing can have on both the performer and the audience. Stories that  feature trauma or extreme forms of violence can trigger sensory memories of those experiences. If the author is writing from a true place, or if audience members have lived through similar events, it can cause flashbacks associated with PTSD. It’s suuuuuuuuuuuuper intense,” explained one official. 

“We’re here to help,” chimed another, smiling serenely. “Our services won’t be limited to LitFest only, though. Standing for long hours in the hot sun is a total drag… on your body. We’ll also be inside the gates of the Accord’s outdoor music performance area, so you can get your pain relief quickly and easily.” Of course, they will only help registered patients with proper documentation during the event.

Pygmalion wants to ensure that everyone who might need access, however, has it in time for the events. For safety’s sake, of course. When purchasing festival passes, attendees will be prompted by a message box asking if they want to start the registration process, and will be directed to the dispensary’s information page after they complete their purchase. Since the LitFest itself is almost entirely free, there will be informational images and icons on the festival website. Still, if you put it off too long, there will be options to begin registration when you pick up your wristband, complete with fingerprinting and photographs, and festivalgoers will have the chance to sign up for the one-hour seminar required by state law.

Best do it sooner rather than later, though, or you might have to make some tough choices: go to a show… or jump through hoops to get lit? 

Links to purchase Pygmalion Festival Passes and begin medical marijuana registration go live today, April 1st, 2016. 

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