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r e d o u b l e : ORANGE YOU

r e d o u b l e : ORANGE YOU

October 26 & 27, 7 p.m. // indi go Artist Co-op

ORANGE YOU, the first performance of r e d o u b l e, a cumulative series around sound, light and space influences on movement. Iterates monthly, October to April. Directed/performed by Jessie Young.

See Emergence happen.  Watch the redoubling of a dance phrase into…what?  What will repetition and accumulation bring this movement? Starting with memories, see what time will bring. An episodic unfolding of movement you can watch grow from stage-to-stage. Check-in at the beginning, Saturday and Sunday (October 26 & 27) at indi go artist co-op.

About the Artist: 

Jessie Young (MFA Dance candidate, U of I) spent the past five years as a Chicago-based dancer, choreographer and photographer, moving to Champaign-Urbana in Fall 2013. Her choreography has been featured by The Inconvenience, Links Hall and Chicago Dance Crash (Duets for My Valentine), featured in Dance Festival Northwest (Centralia, WA), the Festival International Teatro Susana Alexander (FISTA), Puebla, MX, AT&T for promotional performances in the greater Chicagoland area, a commissioned work for The LABoratory Dancers that premiered in Seattle’s Washington Hall (June 2013), a collaboration with Chicago-based artists Stephanie Acosta for “Dances Made to Order” (May 2013), in addition to directing and curating an evening-length dance and installation performance, ASH/LEIGH (May 2013). This September, she presented her duet Peel it off, at the FringeArts Festival (Philadelphia, PA).

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