Smile Politely

Romney hearts the ever loving shit out of Jimmy John

As a talking point, Mitt Romney — the Republican Presidential candidate (c’mon, who’s thinking otherwise by now) — who has been supported by our very own Jimmy John Liataud for years, used the Sandwich King of Champaign as an example today about how to hit up your parents out of their hard earned dollars to go into business for yourself:


I’ve actually only met Jimmy once, when I escorted him to meet Snoop Dogg; and truth be told, he was super nice to me and very cordial. I’ve heard from many, many, many people that he is a fine fella. I have no qualms against him personally — none whatsoever. I don’t hunt, and I have no horse in that race.

But the fact that he is being name dropped by Mitt Romney only speaks to the power of his voice, and to the power of this community. Say what you will — political positions aside — but we are relevant and part of the national and international lexicon.

After all, Patton Oswalt stood us up this week. Can it get any more insane around here?

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