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Scary Normal update

2013 was a pretty big year for local film Scary Normal. After premiering at the Art Theater Co-op, the film went on to screen in many communities, high schools and colleges around the country. It was also shown at the MBLGTAC Conference, Riverside International Film Festival, Q Fest St. Louis, and Seattle LGBT Film Festival.

In addition, the Scary Normal folks were excited to release the film’s CD soundtrack and the movie via DVD/streaming.

And, for any who might be interested, the film’s creators also have a Perpetual Performance Rights edition, which includes a license to screen the film to support a non-profit group or to present a free screening at will. This is a great option for groups that would like to expand their library of great LGBT titles that they can publicly screen to support their organization!

All of the film’s various products are currently available at the film’s online store.

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