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Shop the CU Community Fab Lab Holiday Market

The CU Community Fab Lab is hosting an online holiday market this year to help raise money for summer camp scholarships. They have some pretty amazing summer camps that introduce kids to cool stuff like 3-D printing, online game design, comic and zine creation, and escape room design, and the money raised through the market sales will help make them more accessible to all kids in the community. 

The market will be open from November 28th through December 11th, and will feature unique creations that you won’t find other places; a great way to share a bit of C-U with friends and family.

Check their website for the market link, which will go live soon. Items will be priced between $10-25 (summer camp costs about $25 a day), and it’s local pickup only. 

Photo from CU Community Fab Lab Facebook page. 

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