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Spring Donation Campaign: Week two

Three side by side imagees: A Black man in an apron, stirring something on a stove. A row of plants in a greenhouse. A book title The Art of Combat.
Alyssa Buckley/Julie McClure/Jessica Hammie

Thank you to those who have donated to our Spring Campaign already. We so appreciate your support! Those additional funds are allowing us to pay writers and editors more, and build a featured article budget to do more longform pieces like this week’s profile of the folks behind Tempered Mettle Historical Fencing. Did you know this was a thing that people were doing in Champaign-Urbana? You do now!

If you haven’t donated yet, that’s okay! Our campaign continues through this week and next. If you donate $100 either all at once or spread out monthly, we’ll send you a $50 gift card to Farren’s Pub & Eatery. Look at these nachos they posted about on Instagram. Food + Drink Editor Alyssa Buckley has featured their nachos in her Five Things column. Delicious. 

We are very grateful for your contributions. They are helping us make SP the best that it can be for you, the readers.

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