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Storyboard Cafe application launches

A new application has recently launched — founded by Champaign’s Kerris Lee — called Storyboard Cafe.

Here’s some information about it from their site:

Storyboard Café is a grassroots based company that built an online community for new authors and reader enthusiast. We also have unique features that help authors get their start in the industry and readers discover good books. Read. Write. Collaborate with us!

They were recently published on Chicago Now — so check that out for the full scoop on what’s what with this app that connects writers and readers.

They have contributors that range from independent writers to published writers, including Julie Cross, an international best-seller, U of I’s Doug Peterson’s publications, and Tim Hoerr, entrepreneur and independent author.

Pretty cool platform that’s definitely worth checking out. Head to the link above for all the details.

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