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Students: Vote yes to divest

What’s wrong with coal? Lots of things. University of Illinois student organization, UIUC Beyond Coal, urges students to VOTE YES TO DIVEST today and tomorrow in efforts to minimize the University of Illinois’ coal investment. This plan aims to remove University of Illinois’ coal usage by 2017.

Here’s what UIUC Beyond Coal is saying on their Facebook event page:

The University has committed to stop burning coal at Abbott Power Plant by the same year—and if we are truly committed to a cleaner future, we should not funnel millions of dollars of support into the same industry.

As students, this is a chance to use our voice to dictate where our money goes and develop investment practices that are consistent with our values.

They also break down some information for you here.

To vote, you must be a student at the University of Illinois. Ballot is open until tomorrow night. Click here to VOTE

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