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Support Anna Barnes’ “Hunger in the Heartland”

Hey, remember when we bugged you to take a survey at and raise money to support Brenda Koenig’s recycling pieces? That worked out pretty well, so we’re trying it again. This time around, it’s Anna Barnes who’d like to tackle a story about hunger in east-central Illinois. Here’s an excerpt from her pitch:

You would think that a community surrounded by farms would be able to keep its residents fed. But, that’s not the case in East Central Illinois where food stamp case workers must routinely violate case load limits just to dent the situation. Of those residents who receive assistance, some must resort to trading it on the black market to meet their family’s equally important needs for medicine–even if it means losing their food assistance forever.

We’re trying to raise $250 for Anna to pursue this story, and the AARP is helping out by offering $6 in credit to anyone who takes a quick survey. So, click this link, click “Earn Credits,” set up a free account, and take the survey. The deadline is November 1, but it’d be great to knock this out sooner than that. Thanks for your support!

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