Smile Politely

SXSW: Wednesday 6:30 p.m.

It’s started again.

Equipped with G1 phone cameras, we’ll do our best to keep C-U updated with photos of interest, whether it’s bands from Champaign-Urbana performing here (there are just two) or bands that we think you should know about.

On our way to the convention center, we ran into The She Creatures, straight from Venus according to their flier. They have gone to great lengths to turn heads:

No indie rock festival is complete without a trip to The Ice Cream Man, who looks freakishly like Jim Carrey. No lie: he just gives out free ice cream to people on the street. Unreal.

The end result, for Smile Politely editor, Justine Fein-Bursoni, proud of her TMNT bar:

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